Mission Statement


          Our mediation clients want to explore the possibilities of settlement of their family matters, with the ultimate goal of resolution by agreement. We seek to facilitate an effective communication between the parties to hopefully reach those goals in a comfortable and private environment.


           Whether preparing agreements reached in mediation, or in the course of litigation, constructing appellate briefs, or drafting other documents, we strive to have the written words communicate clear, persuasive, and accurate representation of our clients' intentions and positions.


          When offering unbundled legal services, we want to provide the client with professional and effective services for the specific task assigned. Although "unbundled legal services" is a relatively new concept in the public perception, we have been offering this approach in appropriate cases for years. Read more about this under our FAQs page.


          For the family law client who needs full representation in litigation and/or intensive negotiations, we strive to have our clients informed about his or her rights, obligations,and options, so as to hopefully facilitate informed, intelligent, practical and cost efficient decision making by the client. As our clients' representative, we seek to present our clients' concerns effectively, persuasively, and professionally. We hope to help our clients formulate and reach his or her goals, while going through the process with civility and integrity.


          Collaborative law is a unique process that can be productive for parties who need full representation, but can commit to work jointly in a cooperative effort to resolve differences through settlement. We encourage a communication with our office to help determine if your situation presents a good fit for this approach.


          Whatever service you choose, we want you to feel that you have selected a superior legal service, where you receive guidance and personal attention to your concerns and ultimate goals in a comfortable, often casual, yet professional environment.